Monday, 27.6.2011
18:00: Welcome Dinner (Harnack‐Haus)

  Tuesday, 28.6.2011
9:00: Tilman Sauer
Welcome/Results of the last workshop in Pasadena
9:30: Dennis Lehmkuhl
Quantum Gravity in the Pauli Correspondence
11:00: Coffee Break
11:30: Don Salisbury
P. Weiss – Hamilton-Jacobi Theory and Quantization of Generalized Electrodynamics and T.S. Chang – A Note on the Hamiltonian Theory of Quantization II
13:00: Lunch
14:30: Saurya Das
W.Pauli/M.Fierz -­ On relativistic wave equations for particles of arbitrary spin in an electromagnetic field
16:00: Coffee Break
16:30: Kurt Sundermeyer
S.N.Gupta – Quantization of Einstein’s Gravitational Field: Linear Approximation and General Treatment
18:00: End

  Wednesday, 29.6.2011
9:00: Jürgen Renn/Don Salisbury
Current Research on the History of Quantum Gravity at the MPIWG
9:30: Domenico Giulini
P.G.Bergmann – Quantisierung allgemein-­kovarianter Feldtheorien
11:00: Coffee Break
11:30: Dean Rickles
C.W.Misner -­ Feynman Quantization of General Relativity
13:00: Lunch
14:30: Claus Kiefer
P.A.M.Dirac -­ The Theory of Gravitation in Hamiltonian Form and Fixation of Coordinates in the Hamiltonian Theory of Gravitation
16:00: Coffee Break
16:30: Daniele Oriti
A.Einstein – Ether and the Theory of Relativity as an inspiration for current quantum gravity research
18:00: End

  Thursday, 30.6.2011
9:30: Alexander Blum
R.P.Feynman – Quantum Theory of Gravitation
11:00: Coffee Break
11:30: John Stachel
R.E.Peierls – The Commutation Laws of Relativistic Field Theory and B.S.DeWitt – Invariant Commutators for the Quantized Gravitational Field
13:00: Lunch
14:30: Dieter Brill
J.A.Wheeler -­ Geons
16:00: Coffee Break
16:30: Dean Rickles/Don Salisbury
Report on Oral History Tour
18:00: End