Project Members and Research

Organisation and Coordination

Contact: Christoph Lehner

Principal Investigators

MPIWG: Massimiliano Badino, Alexander Blum, Giuseppe Castagnetti, Dieter Hoffmann, Christian Joas, Horst Kant, Christoph Lehner, Daniela Monaldi, Jürgen Renn, Arne Schirrmacher.

FHI: Volker Blum, Arianna Borrelli, Dieter Fick, Bretislav Friedrich, Jeremiah James, Edward Jurkowitz, Matthias Scheffler.

Guests: Olaf Engler, Maja Fjaestad, Michel Janssen, Shaul Katzir, Jaume Navarro.

Doctoral Students: Martin Jaehnert. Marta Jordi.


A series of small workshop-style conferences (limited to about 50 participants) has been inaugurated, where scholars working on the history of quantum physics can present and discuss their work. The first workshop (HQ-1) took place in Berlin in July 2007. The next workshop (HQ-4) will take place in San Sebastian/Donostia in July 2014

A reading group is meeting biweekly at the MPIWG and is studying important source texts in the history of quantum physics.

Colloquia are being held on an irregular basis.

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