Information for Participants


  • Length of talks is 30 minutes, plus 15 minutes discussion.
  • The talks are grouped roughly into thematic groups and there is some extra discussion time for each group.
  • A whiteboard, overhead projector, laptop and beamer are available. If you need other hardware or unusual software for your talk, please let us know well in advance.
  • We are planning to record the presentations and publish the audio files on our web page. Of course you can opt out of either the recording or the publishing.
  • We also welcome your overheads or powerpoint presentations to publish with the presentations. We will have students at the conference to copy your files.
  • We are planning to publish a conference volume. If you are interested in submitting your talk, please consider having it in a written form already for the conference. This is not mandatory, we will announce a submission deadline at the conference.