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Auletta, Gennaro The Problem of Quantum Mechanics’ Interpretation
Bacciagaluppi, Guido
Valentini, Antony
Reconsidering the 1927 Solvay Conference
Badino, Massimiliano The Odd Couple: Boltzmann, Planck, and the Application of Statistics to Physics
Camilleri, Kristian Constructing the Myth of the Copenhagen Interpretation
Cassidy, David C. Examining the Crisis in Quantum Theory: Its Origins, Nature, Extent, and Impact
Duncan, Tony
Janssen, Michel
Pascual Jordan’s resolution of the conundrum of the wave-particle duality of light.
Engler, Olaf Scientific Philosophy and Quantum Physics
Forstner, Christian The Emergence of Bohmian Mechanics: Dialectical Materialism and the Construction of a new Quantum Theory
Friedrich, Bretislav How a bad cigar assisted at the birth of quantum mechanics
Gearhart, Clayton Quantum quandaries: Walther Nernst, Albert Einstein, Otto Stern, and the specific heat of hydrogen
Giannetto, Enrico Poincare's Electromagnetic Quantum Mechanics
Giulini, Domenico Electron Spin or "klassisch nicht beschreibbare Art von Zweideutigkeit"
Howard, Don EPR and the Hole Argument: In What Sense Did Einstein Think Quantum Mechanics Incomplete?
Hu, Danian
Zhang, Baichun
The Early Introduction of Quantum Theory in China
Jacobsen, Anja Skaar The Bohr-Rosenfeld work on the epistemology of quantum electrodynamics
Joas, Christian The Advent of Quantum Field Theoretical Methods in Solid State Physics
Jordi, Marta
Perez, Enric
The Ehrenfest Adiabatic Hypothesis and the Old Quantum Theory, before Bohr
Kojevnikov, Alexei "Knabenphysik": The birth of quantum mechanics from a postdoctoral viewpoint
Lehner, Christoph
Renn, Jürgen
Schrödinger's Way to Wave Mechanics
Martins, Roberto de Andrade Louis de Broglie’s struggle with the wave-particle dualism, 1923-1925
Monaldi, Daniela The first steps (and stumbles) of Bose-Einstein Condensation: Uhlenbeck’s criticism of Einstein’s prediction and its refutation.
Navarro, Jaume Planck and de Broglie in the Thomson family
Norton, John Einstein’s Miraculous Argument of 1905.
Pallo, Gabor Early impact of quantum physics on chemistry: George Hevesy's work on rare earth elements and Michael Polanyi's absorption theory
Park, Buhm Soon Computational Imperatives in Quantum Chemistry
Perovic, Slobodan Why were logically distinct theories deemed equivalent in early Quantum Mechanics?
Rynasiewicz, Robert On ‘The[?] So-Called Correspondence Principle’
Sauer, Tilman Probing concepts, old and new: Einstein's interpretation of superconductivity
Schirrmacher, Arne Who did really believe in Bohr's atom? The "Ultramikroskopie des Atominneren" of Peter Debye and the art of reinterpreting experimental results
Schneider, Martina A service for the physicists? Van der Waerden’s early contributions to quantum mechanics
Scholz, Erhard H. Weyl entering the "new" quantum mechanics discourse
Sigurdsson, Skuli Quantum Mechanics and a New Thought Style: Die Naturwissenschaften in the Interwar Years
Smeenk, Chris The Early Days of the “Group Plague”
Stöltzner, Michael Vienna Indeterminism and the Problems of Quantum Mechanical Causality
Stuewer, Roger Einstein's Revolutionary Quantum Hypothesis
Yeang, Chen-Pang Engineering the Entanglement: Quantum Computation, Quantum Communication, and Re-conceptualizing Information