Scholz, Erhard: H. Weyl Entering the "New" Quantum Mechanics Discourse

Early in 1925 H. Weyl finished his great series of publications on the representation of Lie groups and started the studies for his "Philosophie der Mathematik und Naturwissenschaften" delivered to the editors in summer 1926. He was in touch with M. Born and got to know of the developments in the Goettingen group around Born, Heisenberg and Jordan in early summer 1925. After a conversation with Born in September 1925 he started to develop ideas of his own how to quantize the mechanical observables of a system and communicated them to Born and Jordan in October 1925. In these letters he proposed the basic idea of a group theoretic approach to quantization, which he presented to the scientific public in his 1927 paper "Quantenmechanik und Gruppentheory". This paper had a long and difficult reception history for several decades.

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