HQ-2 Call for Papers

Workshop, Utrecht, the Netherlands
July 14-17, 2008

After a successful HQ1 meeting in Berlin in 2007, the second conference on the history of quantum physics will take place at the Institute for History and Foundations of Science of Utrecht University on July 14-17, 2008. The subject of the meeting will be the history of quantum mechanics in its broadest sense, with possible topics ranging from the emergence of the old quantum theory to historical perspectives on recent developments. The organizing committee invites contributions that discuss the history of quantum mechanics from various viewpoints, including (but not limited to) the conceptual and mathematical development of quantum physics, its experimental practice, and its institutional, philosophical and cultural context.

Papers to be presented at the conference will be selected on the basis of an (extended) abstract. Prospective contributors are invited to submit an abstract of their presentation (30 min.) by March 1, 2008 to Hanneke Janssen.

More information can soon be found on the conference website.

Organization Committee:
Dennis Dieks, Utrecht University,
Anne Kox, University of Amsterdam,
Jos Uffink, Utrecht University,
Jeroen van Dongen, Utrecht University